War is my country! Armor is my house! Fighting is my life! Gold is my king!
The Holy Storm Landsknecht Companie

The Emperor Charles an Oberst did commission
For to recruit a regiment of men~
Citizen soldiers in a great tradition,
Called up as needed, ever and again.
Now are these warriors mustered in our village,
Training to fight marauders from the East
Who might invade Koroneburg to pillage.
So, in defense, our armies are increased.
Soon will the soldiers far away be sailing.
Even to Malta will these brave men go,
And they'll return again after prevailing,
Laden with spoils of vict'ry o'er the foe.
Strips cut from flags they'll be on sleeves displaying,
Marking the days they played their vital role
Proud Landsknechte ever will be saying
"These ribbons represent our very soul."

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